About Me

“This air sign is light , fluid like water ,flowing changing with every season .
Every brush stroke creates a new connection, a new understanding about myself and the universe , my art is my heart , naked and vulnerable for all to see.
I am a lover, I am a rebel , a gentle soul ,innocent ,wise and pure , I just want to spread love and be free.”
 I am a  conscious Visual Artist  &  Jewelry Designer. My art is my form of meditation. I’m most passionate about life and creating beauty everywhere i go ,either through art or jewelry creations or a simple smile . I am inspired by the beauty of nature , the  healing properties of crystals and color therapy .  I have been creating art and jewelry from I was a was just a little girl and have always dreamed of having a space to share my creations flow of love and inspiration. I create art to turn even the most negative thing into something positive and beautiful.” I’ve studied graphic design, illustration , visual arts and Reiki 1 . My art is a reflection of all the elements which has been a part of this beautiful spiritual journey home. My mission to be a clear channel  for Peace, Love and Creativity.



~Candi “Lioness Saraswati Sweetland ~