Testimonials from my beautiful Customers and Art Collectors


I received my custom art piece from Lioness and from the moment I felt the package I could feel the energy of the piece. As I carefully unwrapped the package I felt the care that was placed in ensuring the piece was well cushioned for the journey “home” to me. My piece, titled “tigress energy” feels just as it is titled. There is a deep penetrating and protective energy I naturally embody. Lioness was able to articulate through her gift of channeling art my method of working with people to assist them is transmuting their darkness into light through the element of fire 🔥. The detail in the animal print and the faces in the piece are breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at the details! So intense yet alluring. Deep yet approachable. Dark yet gentle. The balance of contrasts. You have a gift my dear Lioness. I look forward to watching your art journey unfold. ❤ Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I am so blessed to have met you.



“Many have asked about the Beautiful piece I always wear. This beautiful pendant was created by Lioness Saraswati my beautiful soul sister! Each piece she makes is One of a Kind, made specifically for you and your intentions. She makes each piece with Love & Light. Hit her up, if you have been wanting a Custom made Crystal.”


  ~Topacio Despierta~


Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece. I look forward to enjoying this bracelet forever. 

~Hiedi Schmitz~




“Thank you Candi!  I really love my custom made earrings! I’m radiating love!.”



Hi Candi!!

Holy amazing! Thank you so much for these awesome earrings! I love them. My sister was here when they showed up, on Fermans birthday by the way, and she said they are so fabulous. Hahaha! I truly love them and their meanings make them even more special. Thank you so so so much. I am in love. ??

Thank you!!!

Jen (Scooter)

“I Got these beautiful rose quartz earrings from @lioness_healing_arts last week and haven’t stopped wearing them. Must be the vibes. Rose quartz is know as the stone of love, compassion, nonjudgment- but I also feel a physical benefit in the form of pain relief. Holding a piece to an area with tension or pain can often ease discomfort.
Bomba like rose quartz too and lets me use them on him during puppy reiki sessions.”

~Lune Innate~

“When I first saw pieces made by Lioness, they spoke to me in many ways. I have found what I was looking for. Her Black Tourmaline bracelet with moon and sun pieces is such delicate, yet strong vibrating piece. Protective and beautiful. The delivery was fast and packaging was very thoughtful. Lioness included free insence and a nice thank you card. I highly recommend her creations as they will bring you joy and pleasure Sending you much love and light.”

~Svetlana Esposito~


“Love your energy & amazing work. I highly recommend your stones & work. I was very pleased with your guidance as we prepared my precious stone bracelet. Much prosperity to you & your future endeavors.”

~Kirsys Baez~


“So happy to come home to this beautiful handcrafted black tourmaline piece custom made by @lionesshealingarts thank you so much for bringing light to me!!!”

~Nadia Ishmail~




“I have been looking for someone to create a special piece for me. I knew what I wanted and I knew of several people who could have designed it for me. But when I met Candi I knew right away I wanted her to create my Crystal quartz necklace. This piece is a very special piece to me as I am a reiki practitioner and will be using this piece I’m my sessions. I found Candi to be very attentive and knew she made my piece with love. When I opened the box and picked it up I felt the energy that she had set into the Crystal. Thanks Candi for a beautiful necklace.”

~Amal Benoit~ 


 “Life can make the simplest things so rewarding. The warmth of one’s heart can melt the coldness that can accumulate over time.

When we meet those people who lightened us up, we begin to see some things in ourselves as
well. We gain purpose and wisdom from each others connection. A new world emerges from the meeting of such a powerful soul.

I, personally am honored to enjoy a being whose energy is so passionate, loving, kind, loyal and compassionate. A person who remains peaceful with an optimistic nature. Candi’s courageous demeanor is not only inspiring, it is a breath of fresh air. Her unique fearless approach to life is gracious and insightful. Her independence is uplifting and motivational.  Candi’s work is full of incredible life and positive energy. She is an extraordinary soul who brightens our world with her divineness and talents. She is a gift, sharing her love through all that she creates.  I am, not only a satisfied customer, I am blessed to also call her a friend. She is so brave and success will follow her throughout all her days.  May you all have the pleasure to experience a glimpse of Candi’s world by supporting such a genuine, precious, honest soul. May the passion in her work, awaken your spirit and bring you joy, as it did for me.”

~Belen Robinson~


“Thanks to @lioness_healing_arts for the beautifully created love package she sent me for my 24th rotation around the sun!
You see in the picture the blue envelope which carries affirmations from all different references. Two lit candles, a mutli-colored feather pen, angel Cerviel – courage with the #44 on it, ha I laugh. I wonder if Lioness is aware that forty four is the sum total of my birthday day which then = eight,.. My life path number! So good….& lastly, to top it off there are Lakshmi incense, and fabulous Lapis Lazuli + tiger’s eye earrings.”





“Love my pretty LOVE bracelet is a creation by the supremely talented Lioness_healing_arts .”

~Annie Johnson~


“Candi is such a special soul. I really don’t know where to begin. Like many of us these days we are connecting through social media. I’m sure it was Divine Guidance that brought me to Candi. I’m also sure that it was Divine Guidance and true love and compassion that moved her to send me a very beautiful and special wrapped fluorite pendant. And she did this without any attachments or expecting anything in return. She simply asked for my address and one day I received the most amazing love mail from a beautiful and perfect stranger. She is truly spreading her love and light in such an authentic way. She and the beautiful fluorite wrapped pendant she sent me continues to guide and inspire me. I have my notifications turned on so that I can see her recent posts right away. I believe meeting her through IG has been a catalyst for my personal awakening and knowing personal power. She is Magick.”




“love it…keep making more..”



“These were my first order from Lioness Healing Arts and I absolutely LOVE these gorgeous bracelets that were designed, made and packaged for me with such love and care! They’re a perfect fit and their beautiful energies are felt. I find myself gazing at them throughout the day. Thank you so much Candi for the beauty and love that you express through your divine gift. I will cherish these bracelets and I look forward to wearing more of your lovely creations. “
            Much Love,



Cheryl Ocampo

“I absolutely love the bracelet that Candi custom made for me.  I ’ve known Candi in spirit for some time now and when I the time was right, I just knew who to ask.  Candi’s beautiful heart and intuitive nature made her the perfect choice to create this beautiful piece. I am so happy I asked her to make this unique, exquisite piece. I contacted Candi and communicated to her the crystals that I have been drawn to (rose quartz, citrine and smokey quartz) and what intention I wanted to set for the creation.  She cleansed the crystals and set the intention for this bracelet. For this process, I just could not think of anyone I would trust this more with. For this, I feel so blessed. When the bracelet arrived, I felt its beautiful energies right away. I wear it every day feeling its beautiful energy and trusting the intentions that it was set with.  Her artistry and interpretation of what I wanted was just magical. If you see this piece and are aware of any sense of who I am, you know that it was meant for me. I am so grateful to know you Candi. I know that you will be creating many more pieces for me. You are an angel. Thank you so much!”

~Cheryl Ocampo~

Shannon Sanchez“Hi Lioness!!

How are you doing? Just checking in and thinking of you… u girlie!! By the way, my husband notices a significant difference in his prosperity when he doesn’t have his jewelry that you made with him while he’s working… So I really feel that it is a very powerful piece that you made for him and really believe in you and your artwork!!!”

~Shannon Sanchez~

My So Sappy Treasures, Literally Preserved by an Artist !
Origin, my very own collected pine cone tree pieces from O’Fallon, IL
I miss my fav trees but my lovely soul sis (Candi Cherie Sweetland ) @lioness_healing_arts captured my fav Nature Spot in jewelry for me and today ‘Again, I’m wearing these pieces to relive these moments of that Sacred Day and Nature Spot I miss!’

~Jenn Zuniga~

“Dear Lioness,

I received your package today. Thank You! The bracelet is beautiful and thank you so much for the lovely surprise earrings. I have everything on right now. I haven’t taken them off since I got them lol. You can feel the Love.

And I loved the other surprises, the crystals and the note, and the heart & infinity symbols, and the stickers and all the little details. It was so fun to open!”



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